An average of 65,338,626 people pass through each of the ten busiest airports in the United States each year. Countless thousands more arrive and depart each day as airport and airline employees. These numbers increase annually and with them, the infrastructure constraints of each airport and the expectations of each traveler and airline. Pressure is constantly mounting on airports to optimize their efficiency, enrich the experiences of their passengers, and maximize the long-term viability of their existing infrastructure. The most successful airports rise to these tasks with dynamic LED signage, using the technology to deliver broadly applicable yet highly specific real-time information to vast groups of transitory audiences. However, while digital signage may be the common thread linking many of these airports together, the challenges and solutions in each airport are unique. This omnibus of airport case studies will illustrate the dramatic range of applications for LED signage in airport spaces, with the goal of inspiring future airports to view LED not as a rigidly defined product but rather as a creative material they can use to elevate any element of their built environment.

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