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Digital Signage and FCC Compliance

2020-06-23T08:21:42-04:00Tags: |

When LED Digital Signage is manufactured, there are governmental regulations in place to make sure it meets certain performance standards. These protocols are imposed and enforced by an entity called the Federal Communications Commission, better known as the FCC. The FCC is an independent US Government agency formally tasked with governing communications by electronic devices across all 50 states and territories. When grading LED displays, the FCC is primarily concerned with investigating whether the displays […]

Digital Displays: Correct Your Perception to Protect Your Purchase

2018-12-05T12:11:20-05:00Tags: |

Customers often make purchasing decisions based on what they believe to be true rather than what the truth actually is. In the digital display industry, where purchases are large and investments long-term, this bad habit can result in serious disappointment. Hidden costs abound with lower-end display solutions and expectations formed from experience with in-home display products do not always translate to commercial applications. The technology of digital displays is complex, and like any major purchase, […]

Don’t Get Got by LCD “Gotchas!”

2018-12-05T12:13:51-05:00Tags: |

To a first time buyer of large-format digital display technology, the industry can seem complex. Facing unfamiliar technology and terminology, customers can gravitate towards things they recognize from elsewhere in their lives. In many cases, experience with LCD displays from in-home use can guide buyers to prefer that technology when shopping for a commercial solution. It helps that commercial LCD technology is reputed as slightly less expensive and capable of sharper resolutions for short-distance indoor […]

Prioritizing Performance: How NanoLumens Creates Value through Innovation

2018-12-05T12:16:46-05:00Tags: |

Digital display industry consultant Alan Brawn recently said, “nowhere have I seen it more true that you get what you pay for [than] in the total cost of ownership and service of a direct view LED supplier.” Though the technology is quite complex, the value dynamic in the industry is quite simple. NanoLumens conducted a brief survey of customers, integrators, and design partners to gauge what the digital display community understood about this value dynamic. […]

Buyer Beware! Costs Don’t Stop After Initial LCD Purchase!

2018-12-05T12:32:40-05:00Tags: |

Halloween is upon is. That means ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and gravestones will decorate streets and sidewalks across the country for the remaining days of October. While these spooky spectacles may frighten both children and parents alike, we in the digital display industry are far more wary of hidden costs than haunted houses. We’ve long articulated how the durability and longevity of LED display technologies make them a more efficient long-term investment than rival technologies like […]