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NanoLumens® Debuts White Paper eBook Highlighting the Importance of Content in LED Display Engagement


“LED Displays: Content at the Core” by NanoLumens is available for immediate download.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, October 31, 2017 — Furthering its commitment to provide businesses with fully informed LED visualization solutions, NanoLumens®, award-winning creators of LED visualization solutions, today debuted a white paper eBook on their company website, providing businesses with insight on the importance of content in the development of impactful LED displays. To access “LED Displays: Content at the Core by NanoLumens,” click […]

The Truth in Specification


Businesses and organizations who make the decision to purchase and install an LED digital display solution are not simply buying a piece of tech off the rack. They are partnering with a manufacturer like NanoLumens to arrive at a fully customized solution that is built to fit a specific space and a specific purpose. Prior to selecting a manufacturer to partner with, well-versed end customers will frequently contract an industry consultant to help establish a […]

What’s Binning and How Does It Work?


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, right? Well, the same sentiment can be applied to an LED display. Though the diodes within an LED display can seem identical to the naked eye, every diode is not made equal, and one bad diode can compromise an entire display. Each diode made in a given production run will exhibit tiny variances from the others in its batch, despite the fact that they were […]

The Internet of Things Digital Signage

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The Internet of Things has arrived, and its reach is expanding. In its increasingly common usage, the term “Internet of Things” refers to the network of every day physical objects, structures, and vehicles linked to and accessible through internet connectivity. Each has embedded within it the necessary and sufficient technology to communicate with the external world. It’s not just our phones, home devices, and cars that are synced to each other through an internet connection; the digital signage industry has also solidified its presence on the grid.

Digital Signage and Off-Axis Viewing

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When you wander into a Best Buy to check out a new television for your living room, you don’t make your decision simply based on how each screen looks when viewed straight on. You move around, you walk from side to side, and you do this because you know that once the TV is in your house, you want your family and friends to be able to see a high quality picture from a wide […]