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Pixel pitch

Seeing Clearly: A Discussion of Pixel Pitch and Pixelation

NanoLumens December 14, 2017 21 Views 0 Comments blog

One of the fundamental concepts guiding the manufacture of large-format digital displays is the relationship between pixel pitch, viewing distance, and image clarity. To understand how these elements work in concert, the first thing to grasp is the phenomenon of…

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Sports Branding LED Displays

The Future of Sports Branding Through Display Technology

Joe'N Lloyd November 29, 2017 1023 Views 0 Comments blog

Branding in today’s sports climate is about creating an emotional connection through the marketing of experiences. With high-end large-format LED displays, stadium executives are finding new ways to optimize this stadium experience.

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Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

Joey Davis November 21, 2017 1403 Views 0 Comments blog

The leaves have turned here outside the NanoLumens headquarters in Norcross, Georgia, and a brisk wind has started to smart rosy cheeks in the early mornings. It is late fall, and the Thanksgiving holiday is on our doorsteps. To us…

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Augmented Reality

LED Displays and Trends in Multidimensional Augmented Reality

Joey Davis November 15, 2017 1901 Views 0 Comments blog

The attraction to virtual reality is that it allows viewers to see things that aren’t really there. This also spawns some reluctance, as a fully immersive virtual experience can be disorienting for participants not ready for such an intense visual…

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Veterans day

Veteran’s Day

Joey Davis November 10, 2017 1670 Views 0 Comments blog

November 11th is celebrated every year in the United States as Veterans Day, honoring all Americans who have served our country in the armed forces. The holiday, renamed from Armistice Day in 1954, has fallen on November 11th every year…

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Mapping Content Onto an LED Display

Joey Davis November 8, 2017 2302 Views 0 Comments blog

An LED display is a magical piece of technology, but it is only as good as the content it displays. After all, a display is ultimately designed to be a messenger; a tool to convey information, inspire emotions, and incite…

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LED display content

Content is the Paint, LED Displays are the Canvas

Joey Davis October 31, 2017 514 Views 0 Comments blog

What makes an LED display so mesmerizing to look at? Is it the energy-efficiency? Is it the individual pixel design? Is it the display management ecosystem controlling everything behind the scenes? Probably not. The answer to this question, at least…

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Hy-Vee Grocery

The Truth in Specification

Joey Davis October 25, 2017 1587 Views 0 Comments AVI, blog, Whitlock

Businesses and organizations who make the decision to purchase and install an LED digital display solution are not simply buying a piece of tech off the rack. They are partnering with a manufacturer like NanoLumens to arrive at a fully…

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