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Refik Anadol LED Spectaculars, By Brandy Alvarado

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Refik Anadol is a prolific digital artist that uses LED displays and projection to create mesmerizing data sculptures. His medium varies from project to project, but he’s best known for transforming architectural spaces into live immersive masterpieces. His portfolio of work includes interactive AI projects that showcase the meaning behind being human in the age of machine intelligence and are truly spectacular.

NanoLumens has had the honor of working on projects alongside Refik and his team. […]

Wagele’s Wine Review


As we wind down the last days of Spring, what could be better than a chilled glass of white wine? Perhaps a white wine that comes from a certified Napa Green winery? In the AV world we’ve all heard of LEED and Green initiatives when it comes to buildings, but did you know that wine is much like AV in this respect? The LEED rating systems creates buildings that help its’ occupants safely, healthily, and […]

Wagele’s Wine Review


Black Stallion Cabernet Sauvignon
NanoLumens’ Wine of the Month

By Chris Wagele


AV Professionals know there is nothing better than a great glass a wine. Whether its savory, bold, fruity, acidic, or oaky, seeing those crystal glasses filled with a vibrant liquid is an adventure. Arguably Napa wines are amongst the most world-renowned and hail from one of the best wine producing areas in the world. Napa has grown to over several hundred wineries throughout the region. Some […]

Broadway Dance Meets AV Biz Dev?


Growing up in Brooklyn, most kids want to make it to Manhattan. Some want to play basketball, some want to be fashion designers, some want to work on Wall Street.

I decided to focus on art and dance at of all places, a middle school dedicated to STEM. There was an opportunity for kids to dance in a Broadway show, and our school was one of the ones lucky enough to be offered auditions.

My name is […]

US Army Reserves Prepared Her For Rigors of NanoLumens Project Management and Customer Experience


How does Teela McGehee find work-life balance while being a full-time mother, serving our country as a US Army Reserves Major, and as NanoLumens’ new Vice President of Customer Experiences? Read more about her amazing work ethic and the similarities she finds between her work at NanoLumens and as a Reservist…

The hot, dusty corners of rural Central Texas may not seem to have anything in common with the sleek, stunning displays in the airport in […]

Good Bye 2020! Happy and Safe Holidays from NanoLumens

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It is late December, and the holiday season is very much upon us. The various holidays celebrated during this part of the calendar have vastly different traditions involved in each of them, but it’s what they have in common that makes this time of year particularly special. Though the formalities of each holiday differ wildly, the spirit of each is kindred. It’s hard to quantify, but the last weeks of the year always bring with […]