Phasing Out Video Wall Obsolescence by Expanding Accessibility


Video wall technology evolves quickly, so customers are right to be wary of buying something that may soon become obsolete, especially when it may take time to generate a positive return on the initial costs. By selling display solutions as a service, NanoLumens guards customers against the risks of obsolescence, and fast-tracks the path to a positive ROI.

Don’t Miss It: Interconnected Webinar with the Charlotte Douglas International Airport


The January 16th webinar, hosted by the Manager of Customer Experience for Charlotte Douglas International Airport, will dive into the “Interconnected” centerpiece of the $2.5 billion Destination CLT project with experts from NanoLumens and Cenero

Direct View LED vs LCD: Getting What You Pay For, and Why to Pay For It


In the arena of LED vs LCD, the question isn’t how much you want to spend. It’s whether you want to keep spending to repair and replace technology you’ve already bought. If that sounds good to you, that’s your prerogative. If that sounds like a nightmare, and you’d much rather have a display solution you know is going to return greater proportionate value, contact NanoLumens.

LCD Video Wall Sunsetting: Why Replacing your LCD Isn’t As Realistic as You Think


LCD manufacturers sunset old display models. LED companies don’t. If you plan on keeping your large-format display solution around for a long time, you may want to take this into consideration.