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Sizing Up Emissive Display Technology (With Examples)


As an LED display manufacturer, NanoLumens is focused on emissive display technologies, or those that create and emit direct light of their own without any sort of filter. LED displays are an example of such a display technology, hence the “E” in the acronym, which stands for Emitting. LED technology is not the only emissive display technology however, so we'd like to use this space to expand upon the other styles of emissive displays out there so customers can gain a stronger understanding of which options will best suit their needs.

LED Display Installation Through Adversity


When designing, assembling, and integrating a large-format LED display, you are guaranteed to encounter some obstacles. While the hurdles you face in the design and assembly process will largely be tackled with physical solutions, the challenges of the execution portion of an install are often logistical. While manufacturers, audiovisual dealers, and systems integrators likely know this well, end users or customers might be less experienced. Finding a manufacturer and integrator who understand the […]

Mastering the Curve – the Apex of dvLED Displays


Architects, designers, and AV customers are often boxed into thinking of digital displays only within the framework of the traditional rectangle but direct view LED (dvLED) displays do not have to be fixed objects of a rigidly defined shape. Research and development advances in diode packaging, substrate flexibility, mounting topology, and systems efficiency have opened exciting new possibilities in large-format display design. As the director of the NanoLumens Special Project Group, I come across a […]