As HDR Soars, Many Manufacturers are Grounded


High-Dynamic-Range video, or HDR as you’ve likely read it, describes video with a greater dynamic range than that of standard-dynamic-range (SDR) video, with dynamic range defined as the difference between the brightest and darkest points of an image. The day where HDR content is on every display is still in the future, so right now consumers should turn to the manufacturers they trust if they’re targeting an HDR experience for their audience.

From the Picture Show to the Cinema: How TruLife™ is Bringing Cinema Quality Visuals to Direct View LED Displays


Join NanoLumens for an in-depth educational webinar on bringing cinema quality imagery to narrow pixel pitch LED displays.

Direct-View LED Displays in Cinema Space…But Not Where You Think


The direct-view LED display industry is making a push into the cinema space. The most exciting part of this development is of course the potential for a much improved viewing experience in the theater. Instead of casting light to fill a screen from a single projection source across the room, direct-view LED displays act as their own light source and are easily able to shine beyond ten times as bright as typical projection technology. LED […]