Toronto Pearson Airport Displays Passenger Info on a Flower-shaped, LED-rich Sculpture.

Joey Davis November 14, 2017 139 Views 0 Comments News Room

A new sculpture inspired by Ontario’s floral emblem, the trillium, stands 35 ft. (10.5 meters) tall in Terminal 1 of . But to frequent travelers and locals, it’s simply “the flower.”

The sculpture uses custom-shaped flower “petals” with built-in flexible displays employing NanoLumens’ flexible pixel technology. The display interface unit (DIU) uses a proprietary signal to prevent hacking. Very low levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) also rank high on the list of priorities for international airports.

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Another Success for NanoLumens

Joey Davis November 3, 2017 182 Views 0 Comments News Room

Station Casino’s Palace Station has recently installed NanoLumens displays for its booming bingo area. Dave Merlino, VP of Sales for NanoLumens’ Western US region, spoke to Casino International about the project.

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The Internet of Things Digital Signage

Joey Davis October 3, 2017 1731 Views 0 Comments AVI, News Room, Whitlock

The Internet of Things has arrived, and its reach is expanding. In its increasingly common usage, the term “Internet of Things” refers to the network of every day physical objects, structures, and vehicles linked to and accessible through internet connectivity. Each has embedded within it the necessary and sufficient technology to communicate with the external world. It’s not just our phones, home devices, and cars that are synced to each other through an internet connection; the digital signage industry has also solidified its presence on the grid.

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5 Trends in Great Display Content for Your In-Store Content

Joey Davis September 26, 2017 245 Views 0 Comments News Room

Consumers expect businesses to be authentic about their ideals, and a well-thought out content strategy should represent these beliefs transparently. Marketing is about telling a story, and understanding the growing trends in display content is crucial to constructing that narrative. Businesses should use their digital display content for a variety of applications, like informing users of the brand’s presence on these channels.

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9 Times AV Technology Helped Higher Education Institutions

Joey Davis September 8, 2017 275 Views 0 Comments News Room

NanoLumens LED Display content creationLED installations have the power to alter a higher education institution’s future by displaying the best of campus life or simplifying the life of teachers who just want their presentations to run smoothly. In this slideshow featuring several NanoLumens solutions, you’ll see some prime examples of AV installations that put the focus on improving students’ and teachers’ experience in the learning environment. It’s difficult to do both: professors require one-touch, fast-working control systems, while college students are notoriously hard to impress.

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LED Makes Its Mov(i)e On Cinema

Joey Davis August 18, 2017 317 Views 0 Comments News Room

While many of the challenges of electronic cinema have been met with DLP, the question exists: Is there any way that another technology — direct view LED displays — can begin the effort to resolve limitations and meet the requirements of cinema? The challenges are large but the requirements have been carefully defined by many experts to assure that the destination, if met, can be a suitable replacement for some of the vulnerable portions of the digital cinema market. Looking at the challenges, we can assess how much work will be required.

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Level 3 Audiovisual, NanoLumens Beats Arizona Sunshine with ASU Video Walls

Joey Davis July 6, 2017 268 Views 0 Comments News Room

NanoLumens LED Display content creationLevel 3 Audiovisual had a pair of powerful forces working against it as it looked to be Arizona State University’s (ASU) integration firm on a $2.4 million, 220,000-square-foot project that included AV technology in almost every room of its Beus Center for Law. One obstacle was the power of money. The other powerful force was the sun.

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NanoLumens Adds Infrared-based Touch to Fine Pitch LED Displays

Joey Davis June 26, 2017 433 Views 0 Comments News Room

Atlanta-based LED manufacturer NanoLumens has added infra-red edge sensors to make its narrow pixel pitch LED walls interactive, if needed. It’s possible to do touch on an LED with a glass or a hardened plastic overlay, but that comes with baggage (like trapping heat and making servicing a much bigger deal). Here’s how it’s done.

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Miami Heat, NanoLumens Share Fan Engagement Secrets at InfoComm 2017

Joey Davis June 7, 2017 376 Views 0 Comments News Room

NanoLumens LED Display content creationThe Miami Heat is a young team on the rise in the NBA with a loyal fan base that sells out most of their games at AmericanAirlines Arena, so fan engagement is strong. But team officials noticed a long-standing problem and needed a solution: they were blessed with 30,000 square feet of usable space outside AmericanAirlines Arena but weather in south Florida ranges from too hot to too wet, thanks to the “daily dump of rain,” as Heat EVP and chief revenue officer John Vidalin describes it.

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Utilizing Technology to Create ‘Experience Shopping’

Joey Davis May 16, 2017 380 Views 0 Comments News Room

In this exclusive interview with Installation International, NanoLumens VP of global retail, Matt Nurre, reveals more about experience shopping and how it’s the only way bricks and mortar retailers can compete with online shopping and the Amazon behemoth.

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