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NanoSessions: Disruptive Technology is Being Used to Reduce Interruptions


The recent unveiling of a massive lobby installation at Legacy Union, titled “Unify”, reinforces the belief that the next evolution of display technology application will be markedly different than the current digital modality.

NanoSessions: Bringing the Best of the Cloud to Locally Hosted DMS


Not everything is in the cloud. In fact, businesses that handle sensitive data such as financial records, medical records, and travel documents must maintain higher network security than ever before. That’s sent these businesses off the cloud and back to on-site hosting for their digital display management systems. Until now. NanoLumens just launched a locally-hosted version of its AWARE digital display management system. Its development was inspired by NanoLumens customers who’d asked for a one-to-one version for local hosting.

NanoSessions: How to Decipher Digital Display Technology As a Novice User


Without a background or steady base of knowledge of Pro AV, it’s honestly hard to keep up with all the advanced digital display technology that NanoLumens puts to work in its state-of-the-art displays. Micro LED versus LCD, pixels, pitch, curved display… for a new customer or someone new to the industry, learning and understanding all the terminology is no doubt a challenge. On this new episode of NanoSessions, a NanoLumens podcast, host Sean Heath welcomed senior copywriter Robert Simms to discuss the learning curve and how he goes about writing copy that’ll get read.

Fire Retardant LED Research Is Part of a Larger Safety Spectrum


On this episode of NanoSessions, a NanoLumens podcast, Adam Dixon, operations director of electrical engineering for NanoLumens, gives his perspective on designing fire retardant LED displays. “Fire dynamics are incredibly complex,” Dixon said. “We explored some uncommon or never previously used material combinations for the LED package itself as well as the air board construction.”