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White Papers

The Role of Dynamic Digital Signage in The Airport Information Economy


In this white paper we'll explore the role of dynamic digital signage in the overall economy of an airport. Included in this will be a look at how digital signage instructs and inform passengers away from the gate, augments information with entertainment, and improves an airport's overall infrastructure.

Content At The Core


An LED display is a magical piece of technology, but it is only as good as the content it displays. After all, a display is ultimately designed to be a messenger; a tool to convey information, inspire emotions, and incite wonderment. What this white paper hopes to establish is a baseline of understanding of the role content plays in the life of an LED display.

Don’t Buy The Cow: How Servicizing Supersizes Value And Accessibility


LED displays as a service enable customers to work around hurdles that often derail visualization projects. An affordable and predictable monthly payment replaces an upfront capital expense, experts integrate management software and remain on call to provide support and training, and upgrades in hardware over time ensure the technology won’t grow obsolete. By the end of this paper, readers will have a strong understanding of how our VAAS solution works in practice, why consumers are right to increasingly demand such a service option, and why manufacturers are bullish on its viability in the digital display industry.

Understanding RF Emissions


RF emissions are an unwanted release of electromagnetic fields that can interfere with other radio waves, causing noise and overall disturbance. Because radio waves travel across country borders, there are many rules, frequency plans and procedures that define how to use radio frequency spectrum to avoid interferences. At NanoLumens, our LED display boards, or Nixels® are manufactured, built and supported in the USA with the FCC certified components designed to minimize RF emissions.