Continuing Education for Architects Through AIA

Architects shape our future by designing the world around us–that’s a vision we at NanoLumens can get behind. We work with architects, designers, integrators, and AV consultants to integrate our LED Display solutions into your designs, bringing your vision to life without disruption or compromise. Still, we wanted to go a step further and to become an integrated part of the architectural and design community, and have become a part of the Architects Continuing Education Systems in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

These courses allow companies and individuals the opportunity to share their knowledge via web-based or in-person courses on relevant topics.

AIA Course LED Canvass Airports


Large-format direct-view LED displays are applicable for the various stakeholders doing business inside today’s airports worldwide; from DOOH advertisers, to concessionaires, airlines, and the airports themselves. In this AIA-certified course titled LED Display Canvases for Airport Wayfinding, Information Displays, Place-Making, Art and Entertainment,participants see examples of these various applications, ranging from simple FIDS, BIDS, RIDS displays, to iconic large-format public art and sculptural installations. These examples are shown in the context of how they are initiated and funded, designed into the existing or new structure, installation requirements, and support requirements.

AIA Course NL-103-2018 CEU 1 HR CREDIT

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AIA Course


Participants completing this course will gain a better understanding of integrating LED displays into their designs as signature elements and more immersive/interactive communication devices beyond simply being signage. The participant will learn the basics for using LED displays as more than just pictures/videos in their designs. They will deliver immersive/interactive solutions to their clients.

AIA Course NL-104-2019 CEU 1 HR CREDIT

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