Project Description

PROJECT:  Entercom 

A four-sided “kite” display, this Engage Series installation represents the first commercial use of our “sub-Nixel,” the miniature version of our standard LED board. Crafting and deploying miniature versions of our Nixel LED boards allowed the design team even greater creativity in constructing their precise desired solution.

SOLUTION OFFERED: The first commercial use of our sub-Nixel boards, this solution required the minimization of bezel width at each of the four corners of the display system’s kite-shaped alignment. Designed to be adjusted in the field to meet the architect’s designs, the unique sub-Nixels of this display solution were seamlessly integrated into a custom Arktura ceiling using an adaptable mounting system reliant on turnbuckles. Special considerations were made regarding fit finish, specialty coatings, and material choices to decrease glare and reflection so that the solution appeared to float just below the ceiling.


  • COMPANY: Entercom

  • LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

  • PIXEL PITCH: 2.5mm

  • PARTNERS: Gensler, Sextant Group
  • MORE INFORMATION: This installation is the centerpiece of the lobby in the Philadelphia corporate headquarters for Entercom