Project Description

PROJECT: Fire-Retardant Nixel

This front-serviceable solution is tested to meet or exceed all European standards for heat release, smoke density, and flame spread. With our Fire-Retardant Nixel, railways rest easy knowing their passengers are not only riding safe, but riding smart.

SOLUTION OFFERED: This solution was pioneered to accommodate the rigorous safety standards faced by underground rail transportation authorities. As architects looked to display providers to create a safer product for enclosed underground environments, we engineered a dramatically different display solution that changed everything in the system except the driver configuration and array size – every material for every component had to evaluated, tested, and changed to comply with regulations. Custom pixels were packaged using a specially designed epoxy and cup design, mounted onto Nixel boards custom built on a unique PCB composite, and masked on the Nixels using a custom fire-retardant polymer. A custom ceramic chassis was all necessary to creating a product that passed the standards for flame spread, smoke toxicity, and heat release.

PATENTS: We are at the patent pending stage in the US and a number of other countries for the invention entitled “Light Emitting Display System Having Improved Fire Performance”. These patents will cover the improvements pioneered by our research and development team regarding the implementation and combination of new materials and methods for the purpose of improving flame spread, smoke toxicity, and related fire safety standards. Specific improvements concern fiberglass weaves and fireproofed epoxies.


  • PRODUCT: Nixel Series

  • PIXEL PITCH: 4.7mm

  • MORE INFORMATION: Press Release