Project Description

PROJECT:  Grand Central Station

New York’s iconic Grand Central Station features 96 track boards that highlight entrances to each track, six big boards in the main hall, six toppers above the big boards, two info boards adjacent to the big boards, and two toppers above the info boards.

SOLUTION OFFERED: Retrofitting this historic location with a future-proofed display system that would last through the current decade required an adaptation of our manufacturing framework to accommodate the restrictive form factors of the stone enclosures and the . Using an adaptable mounting system and custom sub-Nixels, or miniature versions of our standard LED boards, we were able to meet the requirement that each solution fill its enclosure to within one inch of the enclosure’s edge on all four sides. This required three distinct Nixel sizes and designs to fit the six different enclosure sizes, all while maintaining a pixel pitch below 2mm.


  • COMPANY: Grand Central Terminal

  • LOCATION: Midtown Manhattan, New York City

  • PRODUCT: Engineered Solution

  • PIXEL PITCH: 1.8mm

  • PARTNERS: Ford AV, Metro North Rail, HNTB