Project Description


To spend an evening at the KAOS nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is to experience sensory immersion to an almost unparalleled degree. KAOS has created a dazzling digital world for its patrons by integrating over a hundred NanoLumens LED displays into the walls and ceilings, the most impressive of which is a massive 360-degree compound curve display roughly in the shape of a visor suspended above a central dance floor area.

SOLUTION: Several factors complicated the technology design and installation process, including predetermined load capacities due to working in an existing structure, simultaneous construction alongside several other trades, and the overall complexity of a video system with more than 120 curved panels capable of displaying dozens of 4K content streams. Almost every wall and ceiling surface is covered with NanoLumens LED panels, including the rotating DJ booth. Four rings of LED displays are mounted on the ceiling, each featuring a different number, size, and angle of displays, with two rings containing 30-40 small displays and two rings housing 20-30 larger displays. One ring includes a motorized system that can be programmed to drop and rotate the entire ring right above the crowd, and the elliptical “halo” display uses sub-Nixels, miniature versions of our standard LED boards, to create its non-rectangular 360-degree curved surface. Other installations include curved displays in the east and west mezzanines, wedge-shaped displays adorning swaths of ceiling, and a series of bezel-less rectangular displays inset along the ceiling of a mirror-filled tunnel to create an immersive “infinity tunnel” style feature.


  • PRODUCT: Nixel Series

  • PIXEL PITCH: 2.5mm, 4.7mm

  • PARTNERS: NTA, Fertitta Entertainment
  • MORE INFORMATION: Crystal Nixel Award Winner