Project Description

PROJECT: Miami Heat – American Airlines Pavilion

Engaging today’s sports fans requires more than just great play on the court – the fan experience extends to the rest of the arena as well. The Miami Heat recognized that fact when they introduced six NanoLumens displays into their covered outdoor pavilion, the Xfinity East Plaza. Though partially covered, the Xfinity East Plaza at American Airlines Arena is a definitively outdoor space, open to ripping winds off the nearby Biscayne Bay.

SOLUTION: The six display solutions provided to the Heat, the industry’s first outdoor-rated fine pitch products, were custom built for a “salt fog” environment, where each display can withstand the corrosive ocean air, operate durably in temperatures up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and endure winds of up to 186 degrees. With such inclement weather in mind, we also outfitted each display with a stainless steel support structure that would defend against corrosion from salt and sand. This installation required the production of custom curved Nixels that were smaller than our standard boards and equipped with a far higher weather rating. These augmentations were necessary because the boards needed to hit a tight tolerance ratio and mount in a way that minimized gaps between boards and eliminated bezels entirely – a necessary feature in an environment open to serious weather conditions. Thanks to our frame-and-skin topography, each of the curved boards registers onto our custom mount in a floating style, able to move and slide in small degrees to seal any and all gaps prior to completion.

PATENTS: Pat. No. US 9,830,885 “Modular Flexible Display System and Methods”; US 9,934,759 “Modular Flexible Display System and Methods”; US 10,152,949 “Modular Display System and Methods.” NanoLumens was granted several utility patents for the creation of flexible LED modules with ruggedized weather performance. LED modules typically aren’t weatherized unless contained within a protective shell, an application unfeasible when dealing with flexible modules aligned in a 360-degree curve. The patents relating to this installation protect our creation of a solution to that problem. An additional patent covers the framing solution created to ensure the seamlessness of the column wrap.


  • PRODUCT: Nixel Series

  • PIXEL PITCH: 4.7mm

  • PARTNER: HEAT Group Business Operations