Project Description

PROJECT: New Orleans International Airport

As part of the grand opening for the new facilities at New Orleans International Airport, five NanoLumens LED displays were introduced. The largest of the five displays is a 450-foot long, two-foot tall convex curve that wraps the wall behind airlines’ ticketing and baggage check stations, with each section of the display showcasing the branding of each respective airline beneath it. Certain areas of the display are designated as mixed-use, deployed alternatingly for advertising and for smaller airlines with fewer flights and less of a need for a constant branding presence. The four other displays each measure 12 feet high by six feet across and are double-sided. There are two of these double-sided displays in the Terminal A/B corridor and two more in the corridor of Terminal C. These solutions are used to display local advertising content provided by Clear Channel.


This installation required the design and manufacture of custom frames, cabinets, columns, and décor to hit the form factor requested by the client and to avoid compromising existing aesthetics. After attaching the cabinets to the custom frames on the ground, the solutions were then lifted into place and either mounted onto the wall, in the case of the curved display, or suspended from the ceiling, in the case of the double-sided displays. The columns from which the displays hang were also custom built, and lifted in from the tarmac into the facility.



  • PRODUCT: Nixel (Curved Display), Engage (Double-sided Displays)
  • PIXEL PITCH: 3.8mm (Curved Display) and 2.5mm (Double-sided Displays)
  • PARTNERS: Clear Channel, Ermco