Project Description

PROJECT: Progressive Meter Displays

Ideally suited to stand out on a bustling casino floor, Progressive Meter displays from NanoLumens keep casino guests in the game by making it easier than ever to access necessary information. These crisp, vibrant LED displays excel above slot machines in drawing attention to progressive jackpots and other gaming promotions.

SOLUTION: For this solution, we began with an older discrete LED technology and developed a drop-in full-RGB replacement to transform the pre-existing monochrome system into a full color system without the client having to alter their form factor. This transformation improved the display’s resolution and brightness drastically without requiring any adjustments to the prior system’s design. Direct visibility from a wide range of viewing angles was the key objective to achieve, and our customizable Nixel boards allowed us to enhance the audience experience of the display system without fundamentally changing its essence.




  • PIXEL PITCH: 4mm

  • Partner: ATI

  • MORE INFORMATION: Press Release