Project Description

PROJECT: T-Mobile San Francisco

One of the most visible flagship stores for T-Mobile can be found in San Francisco, California, where NanoLumens LED solutions adorn nearly every surface of a multi-story central gathering area that roughly resembles a hollow rectangular prism. Each length of the prism, including the four floor-to-ceiling columns and the horizontal lengths connecting the columns, is completely surfaced with LED. Almost always shining the iconic T-Mobile pink, this example of media architecture illustrates how today’s top brands look to LED to craft memorable brand experiences for their customers.

SOLUTION: This installation required LED displays to seamlessly cover 128 surfaces without any seams, bezels, or obtrusive mounting equipment. Shrinking down our Nixel from its standard size, we produced over 5,350 custom LED boards of a smaller, uniform size so that the resulting display surface would perfectly align with the unique dimensions of the built architecture. Since this display is multi-storied and elements are visible from all sides, that required mounting displays upside down, right side up, and of course, flat on wall surfaces, so the structure looked “skinned” with LED, rather than simply covered up with disjointed displays. This required the displays to be front serviceable, with all wiring and management either done remotely or embedded under the displays within the skinned columns. “Wings” that jut out from the columns on both stories required further customization of our Nixels, using both a unique size and a non-rectangular shape, and requiring a specially designed trim to finish the shape out. The energy-efficiency and low-heat performance of the system prevents the space from rising above room temperature, a key component considering guests are constantly moving within the structure.

PATENT: US D791235. Nanolumens was granted a design patent on the unique ornamental look and feel of this iconic multi-story display, meaning this one-of-a-kind concept can never be replicated. The framework of this three-dimensional structure is entirely covered with LED modules to create an immersive experience quite literally – and legally – unlike anything else in the world.

T-Mobile - San Francisco. Partner: AVI-SPL


  • PRODUCT: Nixel Series Rigid

  • PIXEL PITCH: 9.5mm

  • MORE INFORMATION: NanoLumens has LED solutions featured in several of the highest profile T-Mobile stores across the United States, including San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.