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For Our Architects, Designers and Consultants

Nowhere is the brilliance of innovative thought executed more clearly than by today’s envelope-pushing architects and building designers. When it comes to designing installations that include digital displays, you are no longer confined to thinking in terms of big flat rectangles, because at NanoLumens we stand behind your creative ideas with LED display technologies that fit any size, shape or curve you can imagine. Today you are free to embrace the digital display as an element of beauty, artistry, and form which can be instrumental in achieving your overall atmospheric and experiential design goals. We deliver the impact you need to pay off your creative ideas with displays that can integrate seamlessly into your design, supported by a complete library of technical information and a team of display experts that are committed to making your job easier. That’s NanoLumens: bright thinking.

Training & Education

Keep up in today’s competitive landscape with continuing education courses certified by the American Institute of Architects. Check out our offerings and sign up today

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Architectural Tools

Nanolumens LED displays are supported by the best-in-class design tools available along with our of team experts. Let us show you how easy LED can be.

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Concept to Reality

NanoLumens’ LED digital display solutions redefine what it means to "go digital." We deliver the impact you need to pay off your creative ideas. Let our team turn your concept into reality.

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