Channel Training and Education

Channel Training and Education

At NanoLumens we believe that the delivery of our product is only as good as the integrator who installs it. It is our policy to always work with our integration partners across the globe for top notch installation, service and support. And through our preferred partner program, our channel is a major part of our everyday business.  At NanoLumens, we are known for integrity, and we work hard at keeping that reputation.

Since all NanoLumens projects are unique and specific to the end user, installation training is paramount and we pride ourselves on offering a best-in-the-industry on-boarding process.

All preferred partners are required to undergo a two-day intensive training process, prior to their initial installation. Training is truly a hands-on process. Instead of killing our partners with PowerPoint slide decks, you will actually train on the displays—breaking them and putting them back together.

For the engineers and technicians who make their livelihoods working in the digital display industry, we look forward to working with you in the spirit of innovation.

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