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Our Clients – In Their Own Words

Every client and installation has an LED display success story. Here, you’ll find some of NanoLumens’ standout installations and the steps of their journey, including quotes from our sales and engineering departments, channel partners, and the clients themselves.

Honolulu’s Daniel K Inouye International Airport Says ‘Aloha’ to Travelers With a Full Series of Welcoming Video Walls

Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport recognized that they were not doing enough to address the needs of their travelers. To remedy this, they opted to completely revamp a selection of entry lobbies so that arriving passengers would immediately be met with friendly, accessible, and engaging content. The first phase of the project renovated just two lobbies, but following the success of that original venture, completed in early 2016, the airport team decided to continue their push to reenergize the traveler experience by turning their focus to four additional entry lobbies.

University of Kansas

As one of the country’s most prestigious institutions, The University of Kansas knew they needed a destination point for students determined to move business forward. To promote the spirit of innovation the school is so committed to, the administration understood that the new Capitol Federal Hall School of Business had to foster a higher level of collaboration between faculty, students, and visitors. The administration desired a space that could provide large open areas where all visitors to the building could interact but in order to manufacture this kind of spontaneous networking, the building needed a focal point that would immediately draw everyone’s attention.

Britomart Overcomes Strict Safety And Engineering Challenges While Engaging Travelers With Advertising

When Britomart looked to add digital displays that would increase advertising revenue, Britomart and QMS Media envisioned a visual experience for travelers exiting through the main platforms that they could not miss. Due to the historical significance of the Auckland train station, it was important that these tower-like displays complemented the architectural design of the transit station.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport Transforms Passenger Experience with Crowning Digital Art Achievement

As the primary air travel hub for the Carolinas and gateway to much of the American Southeast, Charlotte Douglas International Airport services millions of travelers every year. To bolster its ability to offer premiere air travel services, the city of Charlotte enacted a $2.5 billion renovation project entitled “Destination CLT,” which will revamp several elements of the airport and its facilities by 2025. This dramatic overhaul focuses primarily on large-scale physical expansions, including the construction of new gates, a new runway, expanded roadways and curbfronts, and a new air traffic control tower. Though impressive, these renovations didn’t exactly bring a “wow” factor that the airport hoped to inject into their passengers’ overall experience. For that objective, they turned towards finding a futuristic digital art feature that could serve as a defining symbol for the airport and the city as a whole.

Case Study: Changi Airport Dazzles International Travelers With World-Class LED Displays in Newly Opened Terminal 4

Changi International Airport is amongst the busiest air travel hubs in the world, but to fulfill its potential as the preeminent cultural gateway to Southeast Asia for international travelers, the look and feel of its brand new Terminal 4 needed a spark. NanoLumens video walls obliged!

Case Study: Terra Networks Adorns São Paulo Metro Line With Suspended Digital Ring

Terra Networks, the largest media company in Latin America needed large format LED display technology for the 11 lines of the São Paulo Metro Line 4 or Via Quatro as it’s commonly known, their newest and most advanced subway line. This ambitious project was heralded to be the largest digital out-of-home project in the world at the time, including every type of digital signage imaginable.

Case Study: NBA Team Takes the Game Outdoors with ‘White Hot’ Fan Engagement

Engaging fans in a city like Miami where there is also football, baseball and college sports to contend with, can be demanding. With little parking and too few places to congregate, it is in fact an NBA-sized challenge, but when the Miami HEAT brought imagination and the intensity of indoor LED outside, the iconic experience was "white hot."

Case Study: Atlanta Mega Church Goes Big for Millennial Parishioners

Perimeter Church has a beautiful, large sanctuary laced with floor to ceiling windows. Trying to stay technologically ahead of the game, they'd been using two projection screens on the sides of the 2,305-seat sanctuary to highlight scripture passages and hymnal lyrics. Turning to the leader in indoor LED Display solutions, Perimeter Church sought a technical solution to replace the projectors that would allow natural light to flood into the sanctuary for a breathtaking experience like no other. Read our free case study to see how this was accomplished.

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