Getz Theater Center of Columbia College

When it comes to architecture, few cities in the Western Hemisphere can compete with Chicago. From modern skyscrapers to historic landmarks there’s something for everyone, and when it comes to landmarks it takes a certain architectural prowess to preserve a place’s history while giving it a 21st-century facelift. The architects at Gensler did exactly this and with the help of Landmark Sign Group and some cutting edge technology from NanoLumens, they were able to give Columbia College’s Getz Theater modern-day curb appeal: A state-of-the-art marquee that doesn’t sacrifice the limestone Art Deco façade of a “roaring 20’s” era architectural masterpiece that’s housed so many historical organizations like the Chicago Woman’s Club, the World War II Women’s Army Corps USO Center, and a unified theater complex for Columbia College, part of a restoration of the main auditorium previously known as the “11st Street Theater” back in 1985. The two-year renovation project that started in 2017 again transformed the main auditorium while updating the additional three performance spaces within, and adding a modern-touch with video-enabled modern NanoLumens dvLED marquee to usher in the next generation of this nearly century-old historical building.


  • LOCATION: Chicago, IL

  • COMPANY: Getz Theater Center of Columbia College

  • PARTNERS: Gensler, Landmark Sign Group