The Las Vegas Convention Center, underpinned by Cox Business and Hospitality Network technology, now operates more than 15 displays in nine locations through the NanoLumens AWARE™ display management platform. Now LVCC has expanded its digital footprint in a huge way to maximize its advertising reach for CES and other major trade shows – they worked with Cox Business and Hospitality Network to install two seamless, back-to-back 40-foot NanoLumens LED displays over a main visitor walkway. The two new displays add to the world’s largest single-site implementation of the cloud-based NanoLumens AWARE platform, giving the LVCC fast, simple control and monitoring of unlimited digital displays.


  • LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada

  • COMPANY: Las Vegas Convention Center
  • PRODUCT: ENGAGE Series™, NanoLumens AWARE®

  • PIXEL PITCH: 4mm

  • VIDEO: Click Here
  • MORE INFORMATION: Press Release