PROJECT: Minneapolis –  Saint Paul International Airport

A variety of NanoLumens displays were recently installed at Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport, including wayfinding signage, baggage claim column wraps, and three unique LED displays used to signal arriving passengers to Delta’s curbside check-in desk. These circular wayfinding displays suspend from an outdoor overhang high above the heads of bustling travelers. The circular shape of the display allows it to stand out amidst the straight-edged forms of its environment and the brightness of the pixels allow Delta’s signature colors to outshine even the highest levels of ambient light.

Of note are the circular displays. This installation required the miniaturization of our Nixel LED boards to hit the form factor requested by the client. These rectangular sub-Nixels were then aligned in a grid and encircled by a custom frame that hid the corners of the boards in order to present the desired circular display shape. Thanks to the miniaturized boards, this custom frame allowed for a bezel width of just a single inch. Prior to installation, the boards also underwent augmentation to increase their weather rating, a necessary upgrade to ensure the long-term reliability of each of the three displays, especially given the volatile weather conditions of Minnesota, which alternate from arctic cold and blizzard-level snows to sweltering heat depending on the season. The boards were further enhanced to raise the max brightness level to over 5000 nits, a critical choice given the outdoor displays would need to stand out amidst variable ambient light levels and precipitation.

Check out the gallery below for a sampling of this installation.


  • COMPANY: Minneapolis – Saint Paul International Airport
  • PARTNERS: Delta Airlines, MSP, Archtype, Jones Signs