NanoLumens brings the WOW factor again with this award-winning 52-foot-diameter, circular LED screen installed on the ceiling at the Ron Clark Academy by Baker Audio Visual. With content reminiscent of Harry Potter’s adventures, the system is a performance and educational aid for the school’s students and educators, who come from all over the world to participate in events and trainings. When not being used as an educational tool, the screen displays scenes of dragons flying overhead and landing on the rim and looking down into the room. A robust QSC sound system is hidden discreetly within the space’s Gothic columns to supply voice and program audio reinforcement. The backbone of the system consists of Show Sage 4x4k display servers running Dataton WATCHOUT software, Crestron Control processor, QSC amplifiers/DSP, Datapath server, and more.

UPDATE: Winner, 2020 SCN Install of the Year and 2021 DIGI Award Best Digital Signage for Education. 


  • LOCATION: Atlanta, GA

  • COMPANY: Ron Clark Academy

  • PARTNER: Baker Audio Visual