University of Nevada, Las Vegas

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Trying to attract the attention of college students with content on a display screen in a city overflowing with video screens like Las Vegas is a daunting task. The University of Nevada Las Vegas faced exactly this challenge with a recent on-campus LED display installation in Hospitality Hall. They knew only one display company was going to effectively handle this, and handle and with flair, and that was NanoLumens. National Technology Associates was tasked with performing this tricky install and knew the 2.5mm 16.5’ x 5.4’ NanoLumens concave display would be the attention-grabbing solution UNLV was looking for.


  • LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV

  • COMPANY: University of Nevada

  • PRODUCT: Nixel Series™
  • INTEGRATOR: National Technology Associates
  • PIXEL PITCH: 2.5mm

  • MORE INFORMATION: Press Release