In August of 2016, NanoLumens custom-built a 1.8mm ‘digital wallpaper’ video wall for DIRTT Environmental Solutions, a leading provider of highly customized pre-fabricated interiors. Adorning a wall in their Green Learning Center (GLC) in Chicago, Illinois, the Engage Series LED display replaced an outdated LCD display system and was used for a variety of technical and marketing endeavors including the virtual design of client interior spaces.

“DIRTT prides itself in breakthrough design capabilities, speed, and simplicity of install while having exceptional agility to adapt to the changing needs of space,” says DIRTT’s Architectural Technologist Brett Allen. “When we sought out a large format, focal point display technology in 2016, it was critical that it shared those same core values and now almost 5 years later we are happy to say that the NanoLumens solution hasn’t missed a beat.”

According to Allen, the display gets easily reconfigured into a new environment every 18 months or so and continues to be one of the biggest show stoppers to this day.

“Rarely have I had experience with any display technology that 5 years in, continues to stand the test of time,” he remarks. It’s a true testament to the industry-leading innovation, robust design, and simplistic installation that we are looking forward to not only for the future integration of this display but 2 upcoming NanoLumens installations at new and existing DIRTT locations in 2021.”

The original NanoLumens display now serves as the vehicle for their virtual reality area for ‘shared VR’ experiences. See the gallery below for the evolution of this display and the space it occupies.