It’s the worst fear for everyone in. You’ve finally made it in front of a potential sales lead. You make your best elevator pitch, outlining the benefits of your product or service.

You think you’ve done a good job.

And then, boom. The door closes. The answer is no.

I struggle with “perfecting the pitch” and discuss it often with other entrepreneurs on my radio show. Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Karen Robinson, Executive Vice President of NanoLumens, the Atlanta-based manufacturer of LED displays, about her approach.

Karen is the master of the successful elevator pitch and has raised more than $100 million dollars for her companies rivaling the success of both women and men throughout the Southeast.

According to Robinson, making the sale is just as much about making a connection as it is about selling.

What’s the best way to start an elevator pitch to engage the listener and get them interested in your products?

Karen says the most important thing to remember is that people buy from people.

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