Some may recall the days when the only reason we went shopping was to buy something. How times have changed. Now we visit the shops for an “experience” – or at least retailers think we do – and boy do they give it to us with audio/video often powered by digital signage.

“Tech-savvy consumers are coming to expect tailored content and retail experiences that match or surpass those online,” says Brian Wei, product marketing director at ViewSonic Europe. “This has seen tablet devices along with more experimental AV products such as ‘interactive mirrors’, virtual and augmented reality and internet-connected displays make it into retail outlets.

“Digital signage and interactive kiosks are providing consumers with an immersive experience that’s significantly different from shopping online which retailers hope will drive increased footfall. For instance, a digital kiosk can reduce staff workload and provide a more personalised customer experience, as well as showcasing engaging content about products or brands that grabs customers’ attention much more effectively than traditional counters and static shop-fronts.”

Australian out-of-home media company oOh!media has erected a 2.44m wide x 4.42m high digital signage installation at the Broadway shopping centre in Sydney, Australia, based on a NanoLumens double-sided 4.5mm pixel pitch NanoSlim banner weighing just over half a tonne.

“Because of NanoLumens’ lightweight technology we were able to suspend a huge, double-sided LED display within the atrium area that’s surrounded by three levels of escalators,” says Stephen Rubie, director of installer, Digital Place Solutions. “The net result is that advertising digital content is seen by virtually everyone who comes into the Broadway Sydney.”

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