To survive against the looming existential threat of online retailers, brick and mortar retail locations need to engage a new generation of customers with immersive experiences instead of bland billboards. The most efficient and effective means to this end is with dynamic digital signage solutions.

There are a variety of reasons why digital signage–LED signage in particular- stands out so dramatically in the retail space. For one, retail locations are always well lit. No shopper wants to enter a gloomy storefront, so retailers need to keep their space bright. That means signage needs to be even brighter if it’s going to attract attention and the only solution capable of dialing up the brightness to the necessary degree is LED. Additionally, because you can constantly adapt and adjust the content on a digital display, consumers never need to see the same thing twice. The principle here is fairly simple: if something is bright and it’s lively, people are going to notice it.

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