LED Makes Its Mov(i)e On Cinema

LED Makes Its Mov(i)e On Cinema

Gary Feather, chief technology officer of NanoLumens takes a technical and commercial look at an LED future that may not be so far away.

While many of the challenges of electronic cinema have been met with DLP, the question exists: Is there any way that another technology — direct view LED displays — can begin the effort to resolve limitations and meet the requirements of cinema? The challenges are large but the requirements have been carefully defined by many experts to assure that the destination, if met, can be a suitable replacement for some of the vulnerable portions of the digital cinema market. Looking at the challenges, we can assess how much work will be required.

Looking to the future, it appears that the direct view LED display has the makings of a solution to challenge DLP. The differences of the approach are dramatic, but the results can be every bit as impressive to the eye of the viewer. The core objective is to satisfy all the movie experience requirements with the perfection that is required by those producing and directing these images in Hollywood (and elsewhere).

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