A library of books and a decade of lectures exist on effective sales. In fact, it’s no surprise that companies all over the world analyze with great detail their strategy and tactics, all to make sure that “the plan” will be successful.

Today in business, game theory is often applied as the analysts want to develop a modeled approach that is sure to succeed. Despite all alternative efforts, successful selling is still more like a game.

Rest assured there are no foolproof plans or one-size-fits-all approaches to sales, especially in the digital signage industry. For us, it is a process of people working directly with people. In our process, we may point out that our industry is different and new approaches are needed.

Market analysts may also suggest to both customers and the market that the products we are selling are becoming a commodity. The answer lies somewhere in the middle, and the ultimate goal to create a satisfied and repeat customer is never a simple deterministic task. Our job is one of complication and endurance, and it requires engaging in a game of strategy.

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