Mobile devices, digital signage working together

Mobile devices, digital signage working together

Companies are working overtime to differentiate themselves in this new digital world. Their goal is to create an experience that elicits an emotional response so people will want to take a specific desired action.

To create that experience, businesses are using beacons to latch onto a customer’s smartphone and deliver hyper-targeted messages. Beacons allow brands to curate the messages received by the customer, so he or she is only receiving information that is relevant.

For example, if a man walks into a clothing store, beacons can allow the store to recognize the customer is a male and can send to his smartphone information about men’s jackets on sale. Companies can use multiple beacons to impart multiple messages to consumers as they move through a space, like information on products, discounts and web promotions. By triggering multiple messages, businesses have more control over their customers’ experiences.

The data gathered from the customer can be analyzed individually and in the aggregate. It also allows businesses to continue to have a conversation with the customer, long after he or she has moved beyond the proximity of the display.

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