The lines between hardware and software makers in digital signage continue to blur, with news that Atlanta-based LED display manufacturer NanoLumens now has a content management and remote management software suite, and a dedicated Android media player that will ship with its new displays.

This is a bit along the lines of how the LCD display manufacturers have been introducing built-in System on Chip media players in some (or much) of their product, but there are some distinctions:

This is for fine pitch LED displays;
The media player under the hood doesn’t present compromises in terms of graphics or computing power;
There’s a full remote monitoring, diagnosis and management toolset built in, as well as an Open API.
NanoLumens put together a software development team, sourced specific hardware and set up a cloud storage and distribution system using Amazon Web Services.

The product is called AWARE, and NanoLumens says it is an effort to address marketplace demands it was hearing for a simple, purpose-built software and player set-up tuned to the needs of its customers.

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