NanoLumens to Integrate Screenfeed’s Content into its Core Technology Platform

NanoLumens to Integrate Screenfeed’s Content into its Core Technology Platform

Atlanta-based NanoLumens, makers of custom-built indoor and outdoor LED displays for use in variety of markets, announces a non-exclusive licensing partnership with Minneapolis-based Screenfeed, a content producer and syndication company serving the digital signage industry.

Under the agreement, NanoLumens will now integrate Screenfeed’s real-time content natively within its core technology platform to provide customers with immediate access to Screenfeed’s real-time media feeds, including weather, news and sports information. In addition to the bundled feeds, the integration effectively provides NanoLumens customers with access to a complete menu of fresh ready-made content that extends the length of time viewers remain engaged with their networked displays.

The non-exclusive partnership further accelerates NanoLumens’ commitment to transform its displays into a more interactive communications platform, the company says.

“We are committed to a content strategy that provides our growing customer base with a full range of compelling content that keeps audiences fully engaged with displays that are constantly being updated,” says NanoLumens vice president of corporate development, Nathan Remmes. “This new partnership allows us to deliver around-the-clock news, sports and weather feeds to viewers, adding further momentum to our strategic goal to transform static displays into dynamic interactive communications platforms.”

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