Perimeter Church of Georgia recently ditched the use of projectors in their main auditorium (which seats around 2300), and is moving on to LED screens from a company called NanoLumens.

In the past, Perimeter church always used projectors on the left and right side of their main stage, and a creative backdrop directly behind the podium. This setup was effective enough, but it had some major flaws. One that could not be overlooked was that, if the curtains of the giant windows in the sanctuary were opened, the light from the projector would have to compete with the light from the sun. Obviously, the sun always wins. That wasn’t the only factor that made Perimeter church decide to switch. Head Pastor Randy Pope did some research on his own, and discovered that a center screen would aid in comprehension, keeping people connected and engaged. A center screen would have introduced many difficulties with a projector system, so an LED display was almost ideal.

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