Modern worship is making a lot of noise – both in audio and video. As contemporary church movements find their home in non-traditional spaces like conference centres, warehouses and even converted cinemas, the needs of their congregations are also evolving. These churches are looking past the age-old formula of priest + microphone + pulpit to engage a younger, social-media savvy crowd with a diverse range of live music and streaming and broadcast services.

CEO at Nanolumens, Richard Cope, expects this trend to continue within a “rapidly growing EMEA market.” “The preference of millennials for colourful, moving, digital programming will drive more digital change. Millennials and their younger counterparts have grown up with smart phones in their pockets and digital as a part of their everyday life and they expect the same from their faith.”

The growing emphasis on communication and how high quality AV systems can help this will continue to grow according to those working in the market.

What is the future for modern Audio and Video in churches?