Out Of Home (OOH) advertising has exploded with the implementation of digital technology, with nearly 62% of all OOH advertising now done using digitally-enabled displays. In 2010, digital content delivery made up just 9% of total OOH revenue.

Companies are now switching out older static networks with digital media because the content can be changed quickly and remotely. No matter if the companies controlling the displays are media companies exclusively devoted to OOH advertising, or property owners creating a second stream of revenue for themselves, those in the OOH industry are getting increasingly sophisticated at recognizing their audiences.

More and more tools are becoming available that will help media owners identify who is looking at their digital displays, what content is causing them to look, and how to best interact with the viewer. These tools can interact with mobile devices, even recognizing drive time and automobiles.

With all of the rapid advances in technology, the digital advertising industry is looking to create a standard on how to place a value to particular OOH advertising faces.