In this exclusive interview with Installation International, NanoLumens VP of global retail, Matt Nurre, reveals more about experience shopping and how it’s the only way bricks and mortar retailers can compete with online shopping and the Amazon behemoth. Here’s a preview:

Are we now in the era of ‘experience shopping’, where retailers have to offer something extra?

Absolutely – every retailer we have been speaking to is discussing ‘experience’. The belief is that only those retailers who differentiate themselves in today’s Amazon world will succeed. The experience must be born from the brand promise and reach to every touch point the brand has from online to in-store; we believe digital display is a great feature and component of this plan. For the fastest growing retailers, this surprise and delight mentality is a core belief that resonates every aspect of the business. We are proud to have partnered with retailers such as AT&T, Holt Renfrew and SportChek who have taken this initiative to heart and are creating destination experiences that only they can.

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