Last week, myself and one of my colleagues took a trip to Detroit to introduce NanoLumens technology at the Bluewater Technology Tech Expo. The venue, the legendary Fillmore. Most of the players in our industry were there and we were honored to showcase alongside them.

When setup began, the two of us brought our display in, connected the power and data cables and we were up and running. The display only weighs 85 pounds and has two cables to hook up even though it’s 112” (about 8.5 ft x 5.5 ft) Total setup time from start to finish was less than 10 minutes!  As we looked around at everyone else, immediately we noticed something interesting. The rest of the exhibitors had barely gotten started. It took most of them hours, heavy equipment and significant manpower to get their display set up and running. We used the extra time to walk around and introduce ourselves to the other vendors. It then became very apparent that our efforts to be cordial were not well received since everyone still had hours left of set-up to do.

We had a amazing time at the show, met lots of great people who couldn’t believe the brilliant image quality of our display in such a lightweight, thin and even flexible package. We look forward to working with many of them soon on their unique projects. Bluewater Technology put on an awesome event.

When it came time to break down and load out, it was the same situation as before. We broke our display down and loaded out in less than 10 minutes. I really felt for the guys that had to stay there all night breaking down. I was once again very thankful for the thought our designers put into our display making it simple. This is the kind of forward thinking that makes me proud to work for NanoLumens.