LED screens are no longer just in the box. With sophisticated technology, digital displays now have the ability to become digital wallpaper, and that’s exactly how NanoLumens thinks of their displays. To discuss this topic today is expert Joey Commander, Senior Business Development Specialist at NanoLumens.

Joey’s role at NanoLumens has grown since he started there four years ago, and he’s found that his unique educational background made the company a great fit. “I have a business communication background as a PR major in college, and that has helped me be able to communicate well in this sometimes-complex sales process. With a film and video minor, this fit right into the AV world, as I already had an understanding of video production and the hardware involved,” Joey shared.

He was able to parlay his education and experience, now guiding clients through projects, as he did with an installation for Nestle. “The project with Nestle is a great example of how we think about direct view LED. We consider it as a digital wallpaper with any surface able to become a digital display. We can create unique sizes, shapes, and curvatures. The Nestle project was a lobby area that had curvature, so we used or patented flexible screen to match the radius of each space. Three offset displays create a ribbon that flows around the ceiling of the space. It’s a dynamic experience for all that enter the space,” Joey said.

The future of LED screens and where the technology is heading, the options are basically limitless. Joey commented, “You can think of our displays and what they can offer in the same way you’d consider what color to paint the wall. It can be anything with a digital screen, as subtle or as engaging as you wish, all changeable at any time.”