Digital cinema technology in the Pro AV industry is changing at an ever-accelerating rate, no one is arguing that. What makes this shift unique, though, is the fact that evolving cinema technology is changing the consumer experience on a wholesale level, not simply changing the technology that the consumer uses.

To explain what this means for the Pro AV industry, NanoLumens‘ chief technology officer Gary Feather sat down with host Sean Heath on this new episode of NanoSessions. They broke down what made DLP projection revolutionary at the time, how the motion picture industry has come around to digital cinema, and what’s possible with new direct view LED cinema in Pro AV.

“It’s all about creating new experiences for customers and for creatives, it’s about a story well told,” Feather said.

That might be unusual to hear from a CTO — focusing on what he calls “the creative’s” story and the customer’s cinema experience, but that’s what makes Feather a sought-after expert in this industry. Feather began his career at Texas Instruments, which in the 1990s, developed a revolutionary digital projection technology called DLP that rivaled traditional film cinema quality.

“Everyone scoffed at the idea that a story could be told better with digital than film,” Feather said.

“Now that’s reality.” Feather shared the impact direct view LED will have on the consumer experience and the types of content that can be created with this technology.