Integrator Vertical AVTV is rapidly expanding its custom AV integration business by utilizing breakthrough products like NanoLumens® Design-Specific LED displays.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, May 9, 2013 — New York City is known for being on the cutting edge of technology, design and culture, so it is ironic that the most notable feature of the city’s stock tickers is that they all look like 1970s alarm clocks, displaying single-color text on a plain black background. Today, a midtown Manhattan branch of a major financial institution set a new standard for information displays with the unveiling of the city’s first NanoLumens-powered stock ticker.

As the main technological attraction of the branch’s top-to-bottom renovation, the incredibly bright, full-color, 3-foot tall by 60-foot long L-shaped LED display is one of New York’s most dynamic, vibrant and unique stock tickers, according to Bill Shiverick of Atlanta-based Vertical AVTV, the AV integrator who recommended and installed the NanoLumens NanoSlim Design-Specific display.

“In Vertical AVTV’s 10-year relationship with this financial institution we’ve installed all types of audiovisual and television systems, but never anything quite like this,” Shiverick said. “As far as stock tickers and information displays go, there’s nothing else like this being used in New York City. But now that we’ve shown what a unique NanoLumens DS display can do for the ambience of a retail environment, I doubt it will be the last.”

A high-resolution stock ticker display was a vital element of the design of the branch’s new storefront, and the decision to use NanoLumens’ unique NanoSlim DS display technology was the result of an intense comparative analysis of three state-of-the-art LED display manufacturers. After Vertical AVTV and the client’s project management team evaluated the ease of installation, ease of maintenance, the brightness, weight, durability, life expectancy and total cost of ownership, they came to a decision to install the NanoLumens DS display.

“The truth is that the branch could have chosen a lower-cost alternative that may have served the purpose, but when we considered all the different variables and strengths of each manufacturer’s technology, NanoLumens was clearly the best choice,” Shiverick continued. “All you need to do is walk into the branch to see exactly what I mean. I’ve worked in hundreds of office buildings and corporate headquarters in a dozen of the biggest U.S. cities over the last 11 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Vertical AVTV has built a successful business installing and maintaining television delivery systems in hundreds of commercial office buildings across the country, and since 2006 has expanded its operations to include custom AV installations using the latest in display technologies. The company’s dedication to providing high-quality customer service, ongoing system maintenance and products that consistently exceed their clients’ expectations is evident in the fact that they have kept this particular financial institution as a client for more than a decade. In the crowded yet growing marketplace for custom AV installations, this stellar level of client satisfaction gives Vertical AVTV a leg up on the competition.

“With the new applications made possible by displays like the NanoLumens NanoSlim DS and NanoFlex DS lines, we are experiencing significant growth in the use of digital signage. We expect to see every retail environment, corporate lobby and public transportation space soon become home to a bold, unique digital signage system,” Shiverick added. “We at Vertical AVTV are growing to meet the market’s demands for innovative AV solutions, and NanoLumens’ one-of-a-kind technologies are helping us provide systems unlike anything our clients have seen before.”

NanoLumens’ NanoSlim DS Series is a bold departure from the traditional one-size-fits-all design paradigm that has been a mainstay of the display industry for decades. Available in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm pixel pitches, the NanoSlim DS Series allows customers to specify truly unique displays in their designs and open the door for corporations, retailers and venue operators to create a completely original digital experience.

NanoLumens displays are extremely slim, ultra-lightweight, energy efficient, and feature a bright, seamless, high resolution picture quality that can be viewed from any angle throughout the display horizon without color shift or image distortion. The company’s patented display technology promises to transform the way marketers engage their customers in every type of trade show, retail, hospitality, stadium, arena, transportation and public event environment.

All NanoLumens displays accept input from nearly any device or content management system. There is no need for special software, hardware or special personnel to display content beautifully. With a profile of only a few inches and operating with nearly zero heat or noise, the NanoSlim DS and NanoFlex DS series can be installed on virtually any surface without being obtrusive, adding the ‘WOW’ factor to any indoor or outdoor environment without taking up precious space.

NanoLumens’ technology has been named ‘Best Large-format LED Display’ of the year by Signage Solutions magazine in its 2012 Product of the Year awards program, as well as being recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as a 2011 future-proof tech trend and cited by The Wall Street Journal in its 2010 Technology Innovations Awards.  NanoLumens’ technology also received the 2011 Breakthrough Technology of the Year Award at the American Technology Awards.  Digital Signage Magazine awarded the NanoLumens NanoFlex a 2011 DIGI Award for “Best New Display Device – Non-LCD or Plasma.”

About Vertical AVTV:

Founded by Bill Shiverick, Robert Harlin and Robert Weisert in 2002, Atlanta-based Vertical AVTV has become one of the leading installers of audiovisual and television delivery systems for commercial office buildings in the U.S. In addition to maintaining AV systems for hundreds of corporate offices across the country, they have been expanding their business to offer the latest cutting edge display and presentation technologies for corporate lobbies, boardrooms and meeting spaces. The company’s dedication to providing the best products to suit every client’s needs and commitment to superior customer service and ongoing system maintenance has endowed them with a reputation as one the most reliable and capable AV integrators in the country.

About NanoLumens:

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NanoLumens®, Inc. ( is a privately held corporation engaged in the research, product development, marketing and sales of unique flexible and fixed large-format LED display solutions in any size, shape, or curvature, that address a yawning technology gap in the $14 billion digital display industry. Since its founding in 2006, NanoLumens has built a portfolio of more than 20 international families of issued and filed patents on its flexible display technology that effectively address the commercial market void between relatively small flat-panel displays and huge, limited application LED boards. NanoLumens technology is not constrained by standard sizes and shapes, or by the weight, heat, noise and cost issues traditionally associated with commercial LED products.