ATLANTA, GEORGIA, April 1, 2015 – The Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lenmoore, California is the latest forward-looking gaming resort to install a completely customized visual solution from NanoLumens, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of complete visualization solutions.  The 38-foot by 21-foot NanoCurve solution installed by JCM Global, the world’s leading transaction technologies supplier for the banking, retail, kiosk, and gaming industries, was installed just in time for this year’s Super Bowl game.

“JCM and NanoLumens began the installation on the Monday night before the Super Bowl game and worked straight through to Friday in order to be ready for the biggest television event of the year,” explained NanoLumens Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Nate Remmes.  “More and more gaming resorts are moving beyond the traditional ways of looking at ‘signage’ and they are asking for visualization solutions that will mesmerize the consumers who come to their casinos to be wowed beyond their wildest imaginations.”

“The NanoCurve solution installed at Tachi Palace & Casino is equivalent in size to a 44-foot flat screen television that delivers a seamless, bezel-free picture quality that goes beyond HD,” Remmes continued.  “It is certainly the largest 16:9 non-faceted indoor curved video wall that we have ever installed and it can be seen from virtually every angle inside the resort’s Casino of the Moon.” And that, according to Remmes, made it the literal center of attention during this year’s Super Bowl broadcast.

Comprised of 1,517 Nixels, the display houses more than 776,700 pixels. “ If ever there was an example that delivered on our promise to provide customers with creative, out-of-the-box solutions in any size, shape, or curvature, it’s the solutions we designed, engineered and installed at Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino,” Remmes asserted.

The keys to installing such a large display in such a short window of time are planning, cooperation, and communication.  The NanoLumens project team was in constant contact with JCM and the point person at Tachi. In addition to teamwork and communication, the property allowed JCM and NanoLumens to stage a large container on the property that worked out wonderfully for staging tools, raw materials, and the 1500+ nixels that were necessary to complete the display.  The staging container played a huge role in speeding up the install process.  NanoLumens made two site visits to the property prior to shipment of the display, JCM also visited the property several times prior to install.

NanoLumens’ NanoCurve displays are a natural fit for the gaming industry, according to Remmes. “The ability to place the displays nearly anywhere, including over guests heads in a main atrium, on a curved wall or along the sides of a game room floor, combined with the superior brightness and clarity of NanoLumens’ LED technology, make them eye-catching and exciting for guests. No other display manufacturer can match NanoLumens’ high-quality picture, superior brightness, lightweight, easy installation and maintenance.”

NanoCurve solutions can be created in any size, shape, or curvature, down to an 18- inch radius. NanoLumens can create a curve that fits every architectural design so that customers don’t have to make big changes just to add digital signage to their space. NanoCurve solutions are both the sports car and the workhorse of any digital signage solution, offering numerous benefits:

Effective advertising solutions:  NanoCurve large-format LED displays are bright, vivid, and eye-catching, even when dealing with ambient light. With an effective display, content is noticed by viewers — and not ignored.

Environmentally responsible: NanoLumens displays are built with the environment in mind; they’re created from 50% reclaimed material and are almost 100% recyclable. They’re also energy-efficient.  A NanoCurve display that stands taller than a human being will use less power than it takes to run a household vacuum cleaner.

A compact design: Even the largest NanoCurve LED displays are slim and lightweight. They don’t need distance for a projector to put an image onto a screen or noisy fans to cool off the system. Without the need of distance for a projector or for large cooling equipment, customers don’t have to worry about the bulk of a display taking up valuable space.

Quiet but powerful operation: NanoCurve displays produce very little noise or heat, making them ideal for any environment that you’d want to avoid excess noise. At the same time, the displays produce brilliant image quality and efficiency.