The “Intelligent” Display Comes to Direct View LED

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ANNetwork NanoLumens Intelligent displaysSome of the larger display manufacturers have tried to market displays with SoC (system on a chip) features that eliminate the need for an external media player, and/or have offered simple digital signage content management software bundled with their display offerings. But NanoLumens' AWARE is different.

NanoLumens Debuts World’s First Fully Integrated Intelligent Display Platform

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NanoLumens AWARE leverages the power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, Google Android OS, and Amazon Web Services to deliver real-time remote diagnostics, media playing, and optimized software applications in one system accessible through one portal from anywhere in the world.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, June 22, 2016 — NanoLumens, the leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED visualization solutions, today introduced NanoLumens AWARE, a cloud based digital display platform that combines real-time diagnostics, media playback, and a […]

NanoLumens’ AWARE Adds CMS, Android Media Player to Indoor LED Display Offer

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169The lines between hardware and software makers in digital signage continue to blur, with news that Atlanta-based LED display manufacturer NanoLumens now has a content management and remote management software suite, and a dedicated Android media player that will ship with its new displays. The product is called AWARE, and NanoLumens says it is an effort to address marketplace demands it was hearing for a simple, purpose-built software and player set-up tuned to the needs of its customers.