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Surviving Dwindling Profit Margins

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Surviving Dwindling Profit Margins

It’s not breaking news that profit margins on hardware are dwindling, while the idea of embracing this uncomfortable shift as a means for industry growth is a noteworthy concept to give consideration. It is beginning to become painfully clear that even though many integration firms are still making decent revenue, something is going to have to change in the future as profit margins are starting to be less reliable to […]

Gold Fish: The reason you need digital signage.

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3758028933_c1a55b268f_z Are you reaching your audience effectively?

Gold Fish.

Your first pet. A reward from a carnival game. A peaceful sight when looking down from a bridge. Gold fish may be all of these things to you, but they’re also everything to your brand. Why? Because gold fish have a longer attention span (9 seconds) than the average human being (8 […]

Worried about showrooming? You should look into webrooming instead.

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best buy toronto and showrooming Best Buy’s holiday campaign for 2013 revolved around showrooming in an attempt to bring people in-store.

Even when they understand the benefits of both static and digital signage, some retailers continue to worry new investments in these areas are futile given the growth of showrooming. In the constant battle with online sales, going digital indoors may not seem like enough of a […]

3 Steps to Successful Digital Signage for Retail Banks

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Digital signage can only be effective if done properly. Choosing the right technology and getting effective content, while staying within your brand and budget, can be a difficult task, especially while running a retail bank. How can you incorporate digital display technology correctly? Here’s a 3 step guide to deploying digital signage for retail banks effectively and efficiently:

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What is the target market for digital signage?

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restaurant signage Restaurants are an already big and still growing market for digital displays.

As a Marketing Content Manager for NanoLumens, I monitor our website traffic and how people find our site so that we can provide the best, most useful, and most desired information possible. Lately, we’ve seen several of you searching for an answer to the question “What is the target market for digital signage?” The […]

GTE Financial Engages Customers with a NanoCurve Centerpiece in Downtown Tampa Location Redesign

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GTE-NanoCurve The NanoCurve during installation. Photo via Codigo

Codigo has partnered with NanoLumens, world leader in LED indoor displays, to create an immersive and interactive environment for GTE Financial’s newly redesigned Downtown Tampa location at 601 N. Ashley Drive.

“The new space layout is designed to be more open, eliminate teller lines, and offer visitors an engaging and interactive retail-like experience,” says Mandy Zurbrick, VP of Marketing at […]