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What is the target market for digital signage?

2014-03-13T13:05:45-04:00Tags: , , , , , , |

restaurant signage Restaurants are an already big and still growing market for digital displays.

As a Marketing Content Manager for NanoLumens, I monitor our website traffic and how people find our site so that we can provide the best, most useful, and most desired information possible. Lately, we’ve seen several of you searching for an answer to the question “What is the target market for digital signage?” The […]

5 Digital Displays I Wish My College Had

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There’s been a lot of talk in the digital signage industry about digital displays for educational institutions, from high schools to the big 10. While educators know that a digital display can add value, sometimes it’s hard to see the true potential of what could be created. As a graduated of a fairly small college with friends that attended large universities, I started to think–“What displays would I have wanted to see at […]

I-X Center Selects NanoLumens for Complete Range of Indoor LED Display Solutions

2014-02-19T16:40:09-05:00Tags: , , , , , |

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, February 11, 2014 — Cleveland’s International Exposition Center, also known as the I-X Center, has awarded a major contract to NanoLumens®, the world leader in indoor LED displays, to provide the exposition center with a complete range of NanoWrap and fixed NanoSlim indoor LED signage, according to Karen Robinson, NanoLumens Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The installation of the displays will be completed by April 1, 2014.

“We are proud to have […]

Ohio High School goes big with NanoLumens NanoSlim Displays

2014-02-04T15:22:09-05:00Tags: , , , , , |

dayton high school installation The high school will use the displays for ads, scores, player stats, and more.

 The Chaminade-Julienne High School in Dayton, Ohio just received one of the coolest charitable donations ever – two 6mm pitch NanoLumens NanoSlim LED displays for its basketball gymnasium. 

According to Jeff Olich, president of Total Network Technologies, which installed the displays, the person making the donation wanted […]

Waiting until 2014 for your digital display could be a costly mistake

2019-04-25T19:45:01-04:00Tags: , , , |

tax bag with money

Don’t let a limited budget keep you from adding digital signage this year.

With the Section 179 Deduction and the help of a capital lease, getting a display before the end of 2013 could be more affordable than ever.

Giant corporations aren’t the only ones who can benefit from digital signage; from the local theater owner to the niche retail store, adding an LED display […]

Is your digital signage vision getting lost in the process of design and installation?

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You have a fantastic idea to add revenue generating, customer attracting, brand building digital signage to your environment. It’s a self pat on the back, mental high-five moment where you know you’re going to do something amazing for your company. You set the wheels in motion and wait for the project to come to fruition. The day of installation, you’re ecstatic to see how your idea has come to life; you walk into the space […]