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Gold Fish: The reason you need digital signage.

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3758028933_c1a55b268f_z Are you reaching your audience effectively?

Gold Fish.

Your first pet. A reward from a carnival game. A peaceful sight when looking down from a bridge. Gold fish may be all of these things to you, but they’re also everything to your brand. Why? Because gold fish have a longer attention span (9 seconds) than the average human being (8 […]

3 Steps to Successful Digital Signage for Retail Banks

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Digital signage can only be effective if done properly. Choosing the right technology and getting effective content, while staying within your brand and budget, can be a difficult task, especially while running a retail bank. How can you incorporate digital display technology correctly? Here’s a 3 step guide to deploying digital signage for retail banks effectively and efficiently:

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NanoLumens Debuts Continuing Education Courses for the AIA

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AIA CES logo

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, December 3, 2013 — Digital signage is quickly becoming a design standard in public spaces. To help architects stay current on the latest digital signage trends and technologies, NanoLumens® has developed a series of courses to be offered through the American Institute of Architects’ Continuing Education System.

According to Nathan Remmes, NanoLumens Director of Business Development & Demand Generation, NanoLumens wants to help architects […]

Is your digital signage vision getting lost in the process of design and installation?

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You have a fantastic idea to add revenue generating, customer attracting, brand building digital signage to your environment. It’s a self pat on the back, mental high-five moment where you know you’re going to do something amazing for your company. You set the wheels in motion and wait for the project to come to fruition. The day of installation, you’re ecstatic to see how your idea has come to life; you walk into the space […]

7 Ways Digital Signage Is Essential to Your Commercial Office

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Commercial real estate has seen the value of digital signage; corporate lobbies have gradually added more large digital displays to increase the value of their buildings and the way that visitors and residents interact with the space around them. While the adoption of digital displays into the lobby has offered commercial spaces more opportunities for engagement and revenue, now the need for large-format displays has moved beyond the front desk and into the conference […]

What is Moire?

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When you see a gorgeous, large format display for the first time (or the second, or the fifteenth, or the five hundredth) you may want to snap a photo or video. Unfortunately, more often than not, the display you see on your camera screen will differ greatly from what you see with the naked eye, as squiggling black lines appear where a crystal clear image before. What you’re experiencing is the moire effect.

What causes the […]