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Western Sydney University Teams With NanoLumens for LED Information Display

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Western Sydney University Opens Its First ‘Vertical’ Campus Featuring NanoLumens Curved LED Lobby Information Display Up to 10,000 students can now be kept informed, entertained, and engaged with university content and information via a curved 25’W X 5’H NanoLumens display that can be seen from anywhere within the building’s lobby. ATLANTA, GEORGIA, March 7, 2017 – Western Sydney University thought in very big terms when it first envisioned building a new (AUD) $220.5 million campus [...]

Indiana University’s New Media School Wows Students and Visitors with a ‘New Media’ Solution from NanoLumens!

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The University also brings their tech into the 21st century for the Global and International Studies Building with seven 9” x 24’ vertical NanoLumens display ‘blades’ that deliver the ‘WOW’ factor the university was looking to create. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, November 9, 2016 — Colleges across the United States are in constant competition for prestige, academic excellence and student enrollment. As Indiana University embarked on an ambitious project to launch two new schools and a brand [...]

10 Secrets of Outstanding Networked Campus Signage

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AVnetworkHow do you catch the attention of a GenZ student who can’t be bothered to lift her head from her iPhone? Design campus digital signage systems that bring all the efficiency and engagement they expect from media, and make the system as robust and user-friendly as the multitude of devices carried by all campus stakeholders, be they pupils, professors, administrators or alumni.

How to Turn a Coffee Bar into a Video Collaboration Supernova

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NanoLumens LED Display content creationWalk around any university and find what are essentially pop-up collaboration areas. It could be in a food court, a library, a park bench or under a tree—it’s where a group of students decided that this is where they’ll collaborate on a project while glancing at each other’s phones or peering at a tablet. University of Kansas’ new school of business building fosters creative collaboration for faculty, students and visitors, punctuated with two towering NanoLumens video displays.

New University of Kansas School of Business Fosters Creative Collaboration Among Faculty, Students, and Visitors with Help from NanoLumens Display Technology

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA, September 20, 2016 – When The University of Kansas (KU) began designing its new $70.5-million Capitol Federal Hall School of Business, everyone agreed that the end result had to be a building that fostered a new and higher level of collaboration between faculty, students, and visitors. The building design called for large open spaces and interconnected common areas that, by design, promoted a greater level of serendipitous interaction between all building visitors. At [...]