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Using Digital Signage to Enhance the Retail Experience

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photo by jheffryswidâ on Flickr

Connecting with consumers is essential to the success of any retail business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Traditionally, consumers use product and price differences as the key factors in choosing retail outlets. While these differences are important, buyers are increasingly affected by other factors such as the atmosphere of the purchase environment.

The term atmospherics is often used to describe the physical retail-store factors that can be studied and consciously […]

What Is Pixel Pitch And Why Should I Care?

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When researching digital signage technology for your brand, pixel pitch may be an industry terms that you’re not familiar with. Industry jargon can be hard to wade through, but understanding the different aspects of display technologies will ultimately help you make the best decision for your company and space. When it comes to LED displays, finding the pixel pitch that’s right for you is essential to the success of your display.

Pixel pitch is […]